Much as we like to live in bigger houses, the truth is, most of us don't.  So space is limited and creativity is needed for some storage and display solutions.  Check out this bumper crop of innovative ideas and tutorials for keeping jewelry organized by going vertical.  Some may be suitable for craft tables too at the next show.

First up is the clever hanger storage tutorial (above) by Jenni of I Spy DIY and Chloe and Isabel over at The Nest.

I also liked the pretty dreamcatcher jewelry hanger by Misty Spinney from Brit +Co. Using more than one makes for a very effective wall decor.

The hardware store is a great place for materials.  This rain gutter guard earring holder is a wonderful tutorial if you want to go vertical!  It is by Becca of Blue Cricket Design. Just add 'S' shape hooks if you want to hang necklaces and bracelets as well.  These are also available from the hardware store or make your own from thick wire.

Ashli of the Mini Manor blog went vertical using not one but several wooden cutlery trays!  They were spray painted and hooks were added.   I love how she was able to organize by color!

This next one is eco friendly as it uses Mountain Dew pop bottles!  The clever #Dew it yourself tutorial is by Jen over at the EPBOT blog. 

This one using prom gloves is so neat!  The creator is Tracy Bell who used it successfully for a craft show. She called them her helping hands. They definitely do not take up much room on a table!

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