Double rings have been around for a while, pushed to the limelight by celebrities such as Rihanna. So check out the following tutorials if you want to be trendy or know someone who likes this statement ring look. 

First up is the wire wrapped double ring video tutorial by Aysha aka The Creative Muslimah.  You'll need to experiment and find a cylinder of the right dimension if you don't have a ring mandrel.  Also avoid using pliers with teeth to prevent tool marks.

A little less showy is the chained double ring approach.  Francesca's chain linked rings can be found on Cut Out and Keep - scroll down to see the tutorial. She created the loop for the chain.  I recommend putting another loop on the other end of the ring for comfortable wearing.

Not into wire work?  You can still get that chained double ring look by using rings with loops already attached like the tutorial by Operation Overhaul also on Cut Out and Keep. 

There are also rings with multiple loops to facilitate wire wrapping beads.  But adding chains to the loops on two rings also gets you that chained look!  Check out Laure of I Love DIY's tutorial and you'll see what I mean!

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