3-hole connectors are usually used to keep multi-strand designs tidy.  But you can use them in a totally different way. Making your own pendant from 3-hole connectors is relatively easy and results in a unique design.  I used the connectors I received from Prima Bead

You only need a cord necklace (I used a leather one), some ball end head pins, a bail and different sized jump rings.  Begin by feeding 2 head pins, in opposite directions, through the holes of the 3 connectors as shown here :

I would be lying if I said the next step is easy. It is tricky. What you have to do is wrap the tail end of one head pin around the balled end of the other. You will actually need to grip the other ball head pin with fingers (ouchy) or some pliers otherwise you'll end up just going round and round with the wrapping.  Once done wrap the other end.  If things are not going well, trim the wire end leaving just a little bit jutting out so you can do the next step which is tucking the ends in.

Once the wire ends are trimmed, tuck them in somehow.  You could use a chain nose or bent nose pliers.

Or use a pair of crimping pliers - I prefer this method.  This was a tip I learned from Beading Daily.

Continue the same process.  Also use the same headpin work for the exta holes at the top and bottom even though they don't facilitate the connection process.  Just for looks!

You can connect the pendant to the bail with some wire work. To keep things simple, I used some jump rings instead.  Use several jump rings at the pendant end. If you use only 1 jump ring, it will not stay straight.

You could also attach the pendant to the bail the other way as shown below.  But remember the bottom connector with the 2 pairs of unconnected holes will move more.

Once attached to the bail, the next thing to do is to string it on the cord necklace and that's it!

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