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Faux Stained Glass and Enamel Jewelry Using Nail Polish

There has been some interest generated over nail polish wire work.  A pin of uncertain accreditation  appeared on Pinterest.  It is on an intriguing technique using nail polish to fill the space in between wire wrapped loops rather than just painted on metal. The effect is much like stained glass.

Helen Breil, a co-member of the Grand River Bead Society first pointed the pin out.  Then Marilyn Gardiner spotted other tutorials.  Here is one by Wuffle on Instructables  she found which shows how the instructor made a faux stained glass wire wrapped ring.

It's important to make small spaces as the nail polish has to form a film with the help of surface tension.  The video on page 3 shows several attempts to add enough nail polish to fill the space. Another factor is the thickness of nail polish applies.  So some experiments are required. I am not sure about durability but it is indeed a fun technique to try.

Also check out this really easy faux enamel jewelry video tutorial by Linda Peterson who has a number of youtube videos and writes the Linda Peterson Designs blog.  I love how she mixes 2 nail polish colors together on the vintage brass finding.

One artisan I featured before, the must-see KUKLA Studio on Etsy does amazing work using wire with enamels and resins.  Some of the most stunning stained glass style jewelry I have seen.

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  1. OMG has the nail polish wire work thing come back??...this is one of the first few projects I did for my blog in 2010

  2. Actually using nail polish in jewelry has been around for decades. Not surprising as it has the look of enameled jewelry

  3. Love this idea. Like my bead supply, my nail polish supply is overwhelming!

  4. Love the look. I've not heard of this before so to me it is something new. Unfortunately I don't own any nail polish, my fingernails are always so short and chipped up from doing wire work that they are the last thing I would want to bring attention to.
    Hmm, I wonder if one could do this with a colored resin ?

  5. Yes, it has been done with resin and enamel. Check the link to Kukla Studio.


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