Catching Fire,the second film adaptation of  Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games trilogy just opened.  I haven't seen it yet and will look forward to it.  It promises to be as exciting as the second book was. More so because of the imaginative and action packed trials.  It's not a movie for the little ones, that's for sure.

Well, feeding the fire - if you will forgive the pun - are the fans. I'd expect to see more Hunger Games inspired jewelry as the series progresses.  Here is a new one for the collection so far.  Adrianne over at  Happy Hour Projects  has a Hunger Games locket tutorial.

What is cool about her design is the use of a see-through locket (from Goody Beads). She used 2 bird charms to represent the mockingjays but otherwise made the others which are symbolic to the books and films,  using shrink plastic.   The general idea can also be used for any other themed jewelry.

Here is the movie trailer :

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