Californian Sharon Deveaux is a photographer who accidentally stumbled upon her unique recycled jewelry on her Etsy store when her uncle gave her a camera he had dropped into the ocean.  She relished the opportunity to take apart the ruined camera without having to worry about putting it back again.

Sharon said "At first I only made artwork (assemblages) but now I make pieces that are functional."  Her jewelry pieces on her Etsy store, Deveaux Designs, show her photographer's eye for composition and her patience at combining the right parts for pleasing designs. They have a rather steampunk look about them!

Bolo Tie using Parts of a Light Meter
Dissembling an old camera takes care so the various pieces from cameras and accessories such as light meters are sorted in some organized fashion.  She has different sources for old cameras - flea markets, swap meets and now the internet.

She explained on her blog, " I mainly use old film cameras that were made BEFORE cameras had batteries and definitely NO digital cameras. These newer cameras have electronic parts and lots of plastic. The older cameras have many, many interesting metal parts."

Sharon admits, " I can spend hours finding the right combination of parts for a new piece. I never know what I will eventually come up with !" It's well worth her time because the resulting design are unique and sharp.

Camera pendant from an early Kodak folding camera with the EKC logo (Eastman Kodak Co)

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