Do you think paisley patterns very old fashioned? You're not wrong,  they are indeed.  Much older than we think.  Scholars say the twisted tear drop motif is of Persian (modern day Iran) and Indian in origin, dating back to at least the 2nd to 6th century AD.

But while still popular in that part of the world, paisley is not the word the people there use for the pattern.  We call it paisley after the Scottish town of the same name where textiles with the paisley designs were produced.  The English East India Company first imported paisley materials in the 17th century and could not keep up with the demand. In the 19th century, British soldiers brought back beautiful silk and wool Kashmir shawls.  The designs inspired Paisley weavers to create their own shawls.

The distinctive shape is particularly lovely and can be applied to wire work. So a big hand for Linda Jones of the Wire Workers Guild who shared her wire paisley jewelry tutorial. It's a versatile design one which can be dressed up in different ways as you can see from the pendants below.  The earrings photograph appeared on her Facebook page.

Note Linda uses a bail forming pliers to help her create some of the wire work.

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