Last week's Modahaus Stead Stand SS300  kit giveaway was very popular. Taking good jewelry photographs is always a challenge.  I was pleased to see a number of readers already have one photo studio much to their satisfaction.  Not surprisingly, they wanted to see if they could win this unit which would compliment what they have. 

I wrote a thorough review because there were so many ideas for this latest addition to the Modahaus family.  This prompted one reader, aims, to write this amusing comment :

"Oh my goodness Pearl! Modahaus now has so many options available that I 'almost' feel overwhelmed! I'm going to have to haul that old piano of mine back in and relearn how to play it before I put away my petri dishes and do a video on how to grow mould from last week's cheese (I think). Then I'll have to scan those old magazines while I'm waiting for the mould to grow - good idea huh? - and I'll make some super long necklaces too so I can take some good pictures in natural - or unnatural light if I want - my choice I guess? Now -- Oh wait - the mould is ready so I'll just have to say I sure could use a Modahaus Pearl so put my name in the spinner okay?"

Perhaps it was because the review was so long that I made a mistake in last week's post.  I should have said it was a 15% discount for custom bundled Modahaus buys. 

Another reader assumed as an Australian that she was out of the running.  That's incorrect, Chris.  International does mean it will be shipped all the way to Australia if you won.

So who did?

I numbered all the eligible entries and used the random number generator over on It picked the number assigned to Mitzie Crider!  Congratulations.

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