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Easy Way to Finish a Kumihimo Bracelet!

Most of us usually use metal bead caps and a bit of glue to finish up a kumihimo bracelet.  But I really like Kristiina of the Typical House Cat's blog's easy peasy kumihimo tip because you can just forget the caps!  This bracelet is ideal for those who are metal allergic.

Kristina's first kumihimo tutorial shows how she begins by doubling up the lengths of cord  and tying a knot a little way from this end - effectively creating a loop. I love how she used pennies in a bag for a weight!

The ending is just one big over hand knot which is the "button" part.  Isn't that clever?  Altogether now - slap hand on forehead! 

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  1. That is an awesome way to simply finish a Kumihimo bracelet. I've tried that with the first class I taught because you didn't need to go through all the preps etc to add caps and clasps. They came home with a finished bracelet. Love it.

  2. Another great and unique little shop! I've purchased from them before, and they have great customer service. Awesome videos too.

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    I'm also a blog subscriber. (:


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