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How to Make a Wire Safety Pin Style Shawl Pin

The sweaters and shawls are piling on now that the temperature is dipping sharply.  Cheer yourself or a knitter or crochet fan you know with a wire wrapped beaded shawl pin.  The style is similar to a large kilt pin which resembles a safety pin.

This tutorial is by Shala Kerrigan over at Bella Online.  As you can see, the pointy end is blunt so unless you sharpen it, this pin is best for open work as in knitted or crochet garments.

If you can't do that much wire work, you can still do some light bead and wire work to embellish a ready made kilt pin. 

Hat Tip to Angie Martin (Nanny Pink's Passion) on Facebook

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  2. You are absolutely right, Divya. I forgot to check the open to new page boxes. Trying to remember!

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