Huib Petersen is the talented bead artist behind Petersen Beadwear.  His one of a kind creations show his passion and his innovative ability to make wearable bead art.  What is outstanding is his feel for motifs and how to put them together in extraordinary ways.  Huib's nature inspired jewelry designs also show his feel for color and shapes. 

Hummingbird necklace detail

Huib was born in a small town in Holland.  He explained, "Needlecraft first caught my attention when I was a child growing up in a small town in Holland. Encouraged by my mom, grandma and the local needlecraft store owner, I picked up crochet, knitting, tatting, macramé, bobbin lace, needle lace and embroidery with ease."  He was also heavily into the theater arts when he was younger.

He became interested in bead work when he stumbled upon 19th century Russian bead work.  He now has a studio and gallery in San Francisco where he works full time designing beaded jewelry.

Autumn's Glory necklace
 Huib's ability to make beaded sculptures such as the dragonflies and flowers below is inspiring!

Waterdancers necklace

Butterfly and Sweet Pea necklace
One of my favorites from his sample collection is the Swallowtail Butterfly necklace below which includes all the metamorphic stages! Clever!

 Another favorite is one of his ocean pieces which has starfish and all sorts of other sea creatures like the anemone.

Huib has some patterns for sale on his website.

Hat tip to Eva Marie Keiser over on Facebook.

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