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Beaded heart pendants s are just perfect for Valentine's Day!  Here is one video tutorial by Honey Beads that is just a little different and very pretty.  As you can see the beaded loop for hanging is off to one side.

She uses cubic right angle weave (RAW).  It might be tricky to get a symmetrical heart so watch your tension. The instructor also goes over what to do at the end, if you encounter this problem.

She plans to do the ring and earrings in the near future.  So you might want to subscribe to her Youtube channel and perhaps check out her past ones.

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  1. Honey Beads has a lot of free tutorials for making some very beautiful items :)

  2. I've just learned to do CRAW (& PRAW) and really think this may be my favorite. I understood the process, but at first couldn't visualize where the beads should be. There are a couple of tools out there for starting the process that make it easy to start and once I got the idea, I love it. I had already subscribed to her channel, but found today that I had not marked it for following so thank you for bringing this one to my attention.

    1. I agree that the 3D part can be hard to visualize! Glad that you caught this one!


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