A trip - no, make that several trips - to the hardware store will be worthwhile for some awesome hardware necklace projects.  Just check out this latest crop of inspirational ideas.  Natalie and Rochelle of Holst and Lee shared this wonderful neon tassel necklace tutorial with Grace over at Stripes and Sequins.  The colorful necklace uses hex nuts and compression rings.  The necklace thins out to a slim cord at the back so it is easy enough to use regular cord ends.

This stunning tribal necklace tutorial by Make It and Fake It. It features compression rings combined with thread wrapping.

Maegan over at Love Maegan has an easy peasy rope necklace featuring a copper plumbing elbow.  I like how she embellished it with flat back rhinestones!

Ever notice tons of plastic tubing in a hardware store?  Anjelika Temple over on Brit + Co has an easy tutorial idea for using up tons of little beads using these tubes. They look cool when worn as a group.  The trick is getting the right sized end caps to make necklaces and bracelets.

Another idea from Brit+Co is Misty Spinney's tutorial using steel and copper tubing for necklaces, bracelets and rings.  Shown here is the layered steel tubing necklace.  They used a mini-hack saw to cut the tubing but I think a tubing cutter like this one will be loads easier and do a better job.

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