Bling alert! Those of us who love our iPhones AND are beadaholics might wish to bling out the cases with crystals or add some beads with beaded cross stitch designs. I do not have any affiliation with Beadaholique except as an occasional customer but they do make great tutorials like these two which demonstrate how easy it is to customize an iPhone 4/4S case. No other model is available as yet.

The first tutorial shows how to glue down the Preciosa 8SS (PP17) crystal chatons into the set recesses of a Beadsmith Dimple Blingable iPhone case. Like any chartable designs, work with a grid on paper first to establish your own designs.

Crystals a bit much for you?  Then check out the other video which is for a Beadle Point iPhone case.  15/0 seed beads (not Delicas) are used to make the beaded stitch pattern. The beaded stitch used is similar to doing cross stitch but only 1 diagonal stitch is used to carry the bead. Something the instructor didn't mention is the tension - keep that even.  There are patterns available but you could also come up with your own!  Check out cross stitch patterns for inspiration.

Traditional manufacturing is so slow to adapt!  I wish they would hurry up and catch up with technology.  Perhaps they will come out with cases for the iPhone 5 and for the Android devices.

If not, someone with access to a 3 D printing machine and the ability to use the software can print their own to fit their phone and vary the crystal and mesh sizes!

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