There are many talented bead artists out there.  But it takes someone innovative like Natalia Skodova to stand out from the crowd.  This Prague, Czech Republic based artisan makes gorgeous beaded jewelry. It is her wonderful and delightful ability to mimic nature that really caught my eye.

Dance of the Peacock Necklace
Her spectacular tribute to a peacock's display of his vivid plumage is one such design. Her clever use of claw beads in a paw pendant is another.  I like how she called it the Stay Away necklace!

Stay Away Necklace
She captured the markings of kingsnakes perfectly with this tube necklace.  The beads give the illusion of scales.

If we didn't know better, we'd think this was a real kingsnake in the grass!

Natalia also creates stunning floral necklaces such as this Rose necklace.  I love how she used netting for the base and for the roses.
Rose Necklace

The Flora and Fauna necklace wasn't Natalia's name for this amazing mixed media creation. I thought it was apt.  The beaded spider and butterfly are beautifully done.

What an incredibly inspiring artisan!  Check out her photo album for more. Natalia also sells her designs through

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