Well, it's April Fool's Day so what better time then to share this new crop of fun jewelry finds (see more below).  Some people are so creative and clever.  It's a small niche but can be lucrative.  Just ask Licia Young of Licia Beads on Etsy!  Her beaded toilet roll jewelry is famous!  Doesn't hurt to have been featured on the Jay Leno Show either!

 Penny and Christina of Drops of Art have this amazing laundry line necklace!

I once made a pea pod wire work pendant necklace using a real iPod as a mandrel, but this EyePod  peapod polymer clay necklace is way cleverer!  It is by Lisa and Steve of the Happy Acorn.
 Viki of Jewelry and Pleasure makes a whole range of wonderful fake gauge earrings!  Naturally I had to pick the cat pair!

 Clever puns work for me too!  This one is by  MisoLucki.

Broshkapl made these Lips Shoe Clips!

And for "lobes of fun", the Ear- Ring- Key Ring from the Shiny Shack!

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