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Wire Woven Side Drilled Pendant Tutorial

Colette Simon of Kreativecoco shared a wonderful wire wrapped copper stud earrings tutorial not too long ago. She now follows up with a great wire woven pendant tutorial for a long side drilled bead.

It is a super tutorial for everyone, even those who are still relatively new to wire weaving. The wire weaving is quickly done on the foundation wires. I think a briolette will not only work but give a different look to this design.

Download the tutorial here.

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  1. I somehow find wire weaving to be very difficult, will try once again now

  2. It does take practice to get good! This one is a good tutorial to start with.

  3. I also find wire weaving/wrapping to be daunting...I just can't seem to "wrap my head around it!!!"

  4. Maybe this tip will help. You need to hold and wind the wire in a firm manner.


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