As we all know resin is great as a coating as it forms a hard protective surface.  Use more of it to form a dome so it is part of the design. But most people forget it can also be used as a glue.  Another fun way with resin is to use it to make a transparent film in an open bezel.  So this design of mine shows how all three properties of resin can be used in a single design.

Instead of an open bezel, I used 1 inch aluminum rings.  I wasn't about to risk my Modahaus so I worked on a plastic bag. I happened to use puffy butterfly stickers used by scrapbookers. But other paper products can be used. Just remember that if you apply resin over paper, the latter becomes translucent like vellum.  If you are not keen on that effect, then seal the paper first with say, Mod Podge.

What you need
I punched the ear wire holes first.

 I then stuck the rings onto packing tape.  This will prevent the resin from seeping behind.

I mixed the resin according to the instructions.  I actually used half of what was recommended.  Best be prepared with other projects to use up the mixed resin.

Add resin to the middle and make sure the resin covers the inside area.

I applied resin to the underside of the butterflies that were partly placed on the aluminum rings so they will stick better. There is plenty of time to play with placements - as you can see I had up to 5 butterflies on each earring at one point!

In the end, I added resin to the rest of the ring (and over all the butterflies) and placed some flat rhinestones. Be gentle with your brush as the butterflies are still not firmly in place.

When complete, cover the work with some suitable plastic container to keep out the dust.  Leave overnight.

Peel off the packing tape.  I found there was packing tape adhesive residue so I did some clean up with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol (isopropanol).

 Any bits of resin sticking out can be filed away with a file or abrasive pad.

If some resin got into the ear wire holes, poke it out carefully.

 Add the ear wires and you're done!

You can also tint the resin but I think it is best to avoid any liquid colorings as they may alter the resin composition and affect the setting time.  Try using mica powders or shavings from Prisma crayons. 

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