Most of us are not into wood work.  If you are like me, you also don't own a scroll saw.  But there is a way to make wooden jewelry easily and without having to commit to a whole length from a lumber yard!  Just use popsicle sticks!!  You can either recycle these or buy them brand new from a craft store.

Aki of Minted Strawberry has 3 awesome tutorials where she shows us how to cut and dress up sections of popsicle sticks which she got from a dollar store.  My favorite is the skull earrings tutorial where the sections were simple rectangles but the addition of glued on and painted skulls made this an awesome design for Halloween.  You don't have to use skulls but check out all sorts of possibilities like 3D flowers, buttons,  etc from your own stash, dollar store or even found objects.

Her raindrop earrings tutorial is a little more challenging because you have to use a box cutter with some planning care.   A Dremel with a sandpaper attachment helps shape the earrings dangles.  Again this wonderful basic tutorial is ripe for further adornment if you wish.

Aki is a highly creative person as you can see from her third trendy design, a geometric triangle necklace tutorial!  As she said, be careful with the drilling of holes.  If you don't have a scrap block of wood as the base for drilling the popsicle sticks, use an ice hockey puck!  I do.  (Sssshh! Keep this to yourself. This is sacrilegious coming from a Canadian!!)

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