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Ring Stick Business Card Doubles as a Ring Sizer

Is it because men are sometimes reluctant to commit or just simply at a loss when it comes to buying a ring and popping "the" question? Sure, the happy couple could go ring shopping together but the true romantic would get a ring first so he could get down on his bended knee and propose to the love of his life.

The German ring company with the spot-on name, Marrying, and their clever ad agency, Jung von Matt have a neat solution for men who want to do a covert ring sizing operation. They came up with the Ring Stick Business Card which doubles as a ring sizer!

It's a handy tool and a great advertising opportunity. Probably also handy for jewelry makers who need to send to and get someone far away to size a ring.


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  1. this is a great idea, now men cannot give the 'I didnt want to buy an expensive ring without knowing your size' excuse


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