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Another Glue Gun Beads Earrings Tutorial

Glue guns are vital in all sorts of crafting. But have you ever considered using it to make beads?  That's what Charlotte over at Four Front Doors did.  Her glue gun bead earrings tutorial is really easy although it will help to follow her tips.

She made little blobs of connecting glue beads which are then painted and sealed.  As you can see, her lovely selection of colors resulted in a gorgeous pair of earrings. You'd think it was a collection of gemstones!

She glued the jump ring to the back after the earrings were done.  Maybe consider incorporating the ring into a newly formed glue blob at the construction stage.

If I do give it a go, I would consider making other glue shapes too.

Hat tip to Angie Martin on Facebook.

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  1. It's a cute idea and being made from Hot Glue they would be very lightweight. One could make some very substantial earrings and not worry about them dragging somebody's ear lobes down to their shoulders.

  2. You've hit it on the nail how useful it is to have a largish pair of earrings without the weight!


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