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How to De-Bling Rhinestone Necklace Tutorials

Don't get me wrong. I do like rhinestone necklaces.  But as they are rather blingy and may be best for evening wear.  But hack one up and make it a mixed media one, and you'll have a pretty necklace suitable even for casual wear.

The idea and tutorial on how to de-bling a rhinestone necklace comes from Grace Atwood of The Stripe.  She used rope and lashed the cut up rhinestone necklace to it.  I really like the addition of gold tone fishbone chain which makes the design pop!

Another way to tone down the bling is to paint over the rhinestones.  There are a number of tutorials out there including the use of nail polish.  This tutorial by Aimee Santos of SwellMayde uses both spray paint and marker pens.

The only issue is to be careful with the painted surfaces as they can be easily chipped off.  I wonder if a light carefully applied resin coating over the painted surface might help?

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  1. Some people can't get enough bling and love to sparkle and shine on a daily basis. Nothing is wrong with that, but I feel more comfortable wearing less glitz daily and saving the souped-up bling for special evening occasions - such as a night at the ballet.
    However it is hard to resist the allure of those gorgeous, dazzling creations we see in mall jewelry boutiques and on display on department store jewelry counters. I have been guilty of owning several of those glitzy pieces and having no occasion to don them. This article suggests an easy way to tone down the overt sparkle and dress it down to "everyday fashionable".


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