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How to Make Coiled Wire Jewelry Tutorials with the Coiling Gizmo

I love making coiled wire jewelry.  The first one  is a really pretty version based on the popular daisy motif.  The tutorial is by Susy Garner for Beadalon.  The coiling tool used is the Deluxe Coiling Gizmo which has 5 mandrels.

Note that there are different models of Coiling Gizmo, all of which will work for these tutorials.   There are also other wire coiling tools available to do the job. For example, I use my Artistic Wire Worker for this task. Which you choose will partly be determined by cost and personal preference.

The Coiling Gizmos all need to be mounted with a C clamp to your workbench. The Artistic Wire Worker is entirely hand held.   Some people like to use a drill but I don't recommend that for a beginner. Slower hand turns will give you more control when you are learning how to control the wire being wound.

The daisy bracelet tutorial is an innovative way to use the twice coiled wire.  Usually, the most popular approach is to make a coiled wire bead or section. For the basic coiled wire bead tutorial, watch Karla Schafer for Auntie's Beads' video tutorial.  She makes two wire beads - one without, and one with seed beads.

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  1. When I was at school I used to make coiled wire flowers by wrapping copper wire round a compass point! I've thought for years that it was a completely off the wall occupation, but now I find that it's a legitimate way of creating jewellery, with sophisticated equipment for doing it.

  2. Coiled wire is a fascinating decorative element, l've been using some lately and it's addictive ☺


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