Thanks to readers who checked out House of Gems for last week's giveaway and discovered what other cool items they carry. Thanks too for the lovely compliments on my pave designs in particular the curved coil wire necklace. Often doing just one thing different improves a piece.

One reader, Wayne Wiley made me chuckle when he wrote "I don't know how you continue to come up with such interesting items. Congratulations. If I need to give you more compliments to win the giveaway, let me know.  Just kidding - your blog (posts) are always the first item I open every day."

He is really kidding as I don't choose the winner.  What I do is number all the eligible entries sequentially and get the random number generator over on to pick the winning number. It happens to be the one assigned to Candiluvscats (Candice Podvin)! Congratulations!

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