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Beautiful Tiered Pearl Necklace Tutorial with Convertible Options

I don't think you need to be a bride to wear this elegant all pearl tiered necklace. The tutorial designer is Rebecca over on My Girlish Whims.  The use of brooches to connect the tiered strands below with the back pearl strands is what makes this monochrome design pop!

Although Rebecca didn't mention it, this necklace is perfect for converting into smaller pieces of jewelry if you consider :

1. Making the back pearl strands as simple bracelets with lobster claw clasp. For the full version of the above necklace, reverse one of the strands ie connect its lobster claw clasp at the brooch end.

2. Add a lobster claw to one side of the tiered section. It can be clipped onto the brooch pin. So this section of the necklace can be worn separately as a shorter one - with or without the separated bracelets.

The same convertible idea can be made with any necklace - beads, chains etc!

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  1. I love to wear Pearls - Pearl - and it has been many years since I've been a bride.

    I wear them with my sundresses or with anything I please. I'm not fussy and I really don't care. They look great with jeans too!

    Jewelry is such a personal choice - and if you wear it with flare - then I always say go for it.

    It's also a great way to sell it too!

  2. I totally agree! One can never go wrong with pearls. Sometimes with a crystal piece, one hesitates to wear it, say to work, in case it is too blingy. But never pearls!


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