Image from Wander and Hunt's DIY Pearl Kit
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Some women prefer not to wear stud earrings as they find them uncomfortable when on the phone. So this idea of not having a wire poking into you is clever.  Geneva over on A Pair and a Spare's Dior inspired tutorial shows how you can add extra pearls to regular pearl stud earrings AND look stylish!
Geneva is smart and uses a clear rubber earring back to glue into the large holes of the larger acrylic pearls which effectively "receives" the business end of the smaller pearl stud earrings.

Can't get the right pearls and stuff? She also has a kit over on her other site Wander and Hunt which is enough for all sorts of projects, not just the double pearl earrings.

I am wondering if clear rubber earring backs can also be glued into appropriate sized metal beads so they do the same thing. But these will give a different look and also make it easier for someone to put the small rubber backs.

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