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Pressed Flower Jewelry by Impressed By Nature

Flowers growing in the garden have a limited season. Cut flowers last even less. So pressing flowers is a way of preserving their beauty and connecting with nature. Kyla of Impressed by Nature takes it one step further and makes lovely jewelry out of them.  This Californian artisan sells them through her Etsy store.

White Ranunculus Earrings
How did she get started making her floral jewelry this way?  She explained, "In July 2011, I began pressing the petals of Peruvian lilies. At the time, I thought, "Maybe I can create jewelry this way?" So, I sealed the lilies in a secure, lightweight material, and voila! Floral elegance in a wearable form."

Bougainvillea Earrings
The simplicity of her approach - often just single petals or combined with others - really highlights the beauty of the flowers as we are seeing them in a different light.

White Queen Anne's Lace Necklace
It's no surprise Kyla is an avid gardener.  She told me, "Since moving to Oakland, we have kept up with gardening and now have a flower garden in the front yard, which includes many of the plant materials I use for jewelry, as well as a vegetable garden in the back yard."

Jacaranda Leaves Earrings
Kyla captures the essence of what she does when she said, "My goal is to preserve the brief, wondrous life of a plant." And she does!

White and Red Daisy Necklace
Blue hydrangea jewelry set

Rose Geranium Earrings
Red Daisy Earrings

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  1. Wow! Those are incredible! It makes you wonder how durable they are?

    Still - I would wear those in an instant - wouldn't you?

    She certainly has a wonderful way of attaching the petals to her jump rings as well.

    Very impressive indeed! Makes you want to go and look at your garden again! (although mine has been devastated by many attacks of hail)

  2. What a lovely idea! The jewellery is really beautiful too, very tastefully done :)

  3. Yes, I think she is very good at what she does - the right flowers for the right designs. As Littlekoo says, very tasteful and elegant I might add.

  4. I wonder what they're encased in. Amazing, I really like them.


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