The reason why hearts are such a popular design element is the loving sentiment imparted by both the designer and the giver to the eventual wearer! So here is another beautiful wire woven heart tutorial  to enjoy!  I might add the best photographed and presented tutorial I have ever come across!  Kudos to Colette Kimon!
It is a great design to get acquainted with wire weaving.  You can follow the tutorial link above and download a PDF by clicking on the Save button over on the Slideshare site.

Another excellent wire woven heart tutorial from Judy Larson is her beautiful Birthstone Heart Pendant one.  I like the idea of being able to customize the crystal or gemstone for a particular individual.

This Wikipedia article has comprehensive birthstone lists - they vary in terms of time and culture. For instance, it is only in the last hundred years or so that pearl is listed as one of the gemstones for the month of June.  Prior to that, they were cat's eye, turqoise and agate.

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