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Wire Woven Spiral Locket and Trinket Box Tutorials

Mary Tucker is a whizz at making the most amazing wire woven jewelry designs.  She does have a couple of great tutorials which will help get you started in her spiral style pieces. My favorite is her wire woven spiral locket tutorial (UPDATE : link no longer available which is a simplified but still stunning version of her more elaborate pieces.  But you can see more pictures which shows the construction)

Her wire woven Trinket Box tutorial  is also a lovely miniature pendant basket with a lid.

Both of these can be customized and embellished. Here is Mary' stunning embellished trinket box design below.

Did you notice the spiral woven beads in the necklace?  Check out Mary's fine points of spiral geometry for further tips.

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  1. I can't get enough of Mary Tucker's work. I actually created a variation of her the locket. I love her tiny vessels as well.

  2. Mary's tutorial is very clearly written and looks easy enough to follow. However actually doing this is another matter entirely and one that I will leave to the true wire work artists. As for myself, wire work was never my forte as wire seemed to have a mind of its own and I was never able to train it to do what I wanted it to. I sincerely admire those who have mastered this art and without any doubt Mary Tucker is truly a Wire Master's Master.

    1. Christine Houde narmada1@cox.netAugust 31, 2016 at 10:56 AM

      Hello! My name is Christine. I would so much appreciate anything you could do to help me find Mary Tuckers locket tutorial. I just found out about it and I can't find it on the web anywhere I've looked. Best wishes!

    2. Hi Christine,

      That is because her website is no longer active. Nor has she updated her blog in a long while. Her Facebook page is still around. Perhaps you could ask her?

  3. thanks for sourcing and sharing these awesome tutorials


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