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Earring Card Display Stand Tutorial

In a rush to get going with the busy craft show season? Want to make your own handmade earring card display stand?  Check out Lisa McGrimmon's tutorial over on her blog. It is made from an ordinary picture frame.  This is a good thing as they usually come with a back stand so the frame will be displayed in an upright orientation.

The key to her stand is the use of elastic rows hidden behind the pretty ribbons lengths.

You can also make your own earring cards for the totally handmade route! See the links below.

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  1. That's a very attractive and clever idea. Earrings, though small, can take up a lot of table space if spread out separately. This is a great way to keep them together and free up space on ones booth tables.
    Don't know about you, Pearl, but I have seen too many jewelers that insist of cramming as much as they possibly can onto their table tops. The result is cramped, cluttered and chaotic and can and does overwhelm potential customers.

  2. This tutorial was different from many earring displays in that it was designed for earring cards, rather than just hanging earrings directly on the display.

    I agree many people do overload craft tables. I've been guilty of that myself.


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