My first foray into making silicone putty molds wasn't exactly a success.  But I am trying to improve as learning how to do so has great potential. You'll understand why when you check out this awesome tutorial by Becky Nunn.

She doesn't just show how to create silicone putty molds but also wows with her simple technique of transferring the relief to resin clay in bezel pendant settings.

Resin clay is the solid version of the more commonly known liquid 2 part resin.  Like the liquid type, you have to mix the two parts together.  Once activated, resin clay can be worked on just like any clay. Your work time will be about 2-3 hours before it sets solid and sticks to whatever it's placed on!  No heat is required for setting unlike polymer clay. Nor glue!

You can leave the resin clay in its original color - resin clay can be bought in different colors.  But if you just have the basic white or grey color, Becky demonstrates how to color it by applying colored liquid 2 - part resin on top for a cool glazing effect.  She uses a few drops of a crafting pigment solution.  You cannot use too much of that as additional liquid could affect the resin  reaction.  So alternatively try a drop of oil paint.

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