Some years ago I was at a high end craft show and saw a wonderful sterling silver wire crochet collar necklace.  I can crochet but I am not that great at it.  So I was delighted when I came across this yarn crochet collar necklace tutorial. It is by Emma Escott over on Lululoves.  The design is a little like the wire crochet collar I saw.

It is a great tutorial to learn how to crochet the scallops.  Using wire instead of yarn will not look the same but I reckon with the right hook size and maybe some adaptation of the pattern, it will look good.  Having said that, a yarn (pick something that is soft and won't be itchy) - some of the metallic styles perhaps - can look really trendy with the right outfit.

She made a button loop closure but metal ones can be used too.

Note that despite the pictures of a small child modelling this necklace in the blog post, the pattern is for an adult.

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