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How to Crochet Medallion Jewelry Tutorial and Earring Inspirations

Crochet jewelry is a great way of using up odd amounts of yarn and thread.  For a more rustic look, use good old hemp as shown in this crochet hemp jewelry tutorial from Craftbits.  The hemp is stiffer and thicker than yarn or thread so it will have some rigidity and fill.

But you don't have to go with hemp if you don't like this coarser material.  If you can crochet, then by all means use crochet thread. Some have metallic threads too.  My mother made the following crochet medallions for me so I can convert them into earrings.  Mum used size 20 crochet thread.  She strung all the beads first before crocheting each piece and came up with patterns of her own.

Having no beads at all is another option.  Also try using wire!!

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  1. Now I am convinced I have to learn how to crochet a circle - so many possibilities for different materials and designs!

  2. It's not hard to crochet in a circle but it does take practice to get even tension especially with fine crochet thread!

    Tip : you can also use fabric stiffener to make the work hold better.

  3. Thanks for a valuable tip, Pearl!


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