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Make Your Own Lucite-like Beads with Friendly Plastic!

Lucite, Acrylic Glass, Acrylite,  Perspex, Plexiglas are just different names for the thermoplastic Poly(methyl methacrylate) first developed way back in 1928.  We jewelry makers love frosted beads - especially the bell flower shapes -  made from this material.  Did you know you can also make your own Lucite-like beads with Friendly Plastic?  Linda Peterson's video tutorial shows how easy it is to make a pair of bell flower earrings using this material.

Friendly Plastic has a wonderful property - it goes soft and becomes pliable at low temperatures. I wonder if ordinary coffee mug warmers can be used to keep a shallow pan of warm water to soften the plastic?

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  1. Pearl the tutorial link is missing, pls check

  2. My apologies to all subscribers! I forgot the link and video. Thanks to a reader for emailing me so quickly. I have corrected the post. Enjoy!

  3. And I've forgotten all about my stash of friendly plastic sitting in my cupboard.

    Time to haul it out and make things out of it.

    I'd also forgotten about this tutorial as well - it is a good one isn't it!!

    Thanks for posting it Pearl!

  4. Thanks Divya- the link has been corrected so please revisit the blog post to see it.

  5. Friendly plastic is fun to work with, but it becomes very fragile with time, and will eventually disintegrate. I know this from personal experience.

  6. That is a good point to raise, Lisette. Plastics, not just Friendly Plastic will get brittle with age.


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