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Simple Wire Wrapped Drop Earrings Tutorial

Not all of us like wearing large earrings.  Here is a wonderful simple wire wrapped drop earrings tutorial by Heidi Kinnally over on Eat Breath Design.  It is a  good change from ordinary dangles and it is on the dainty side.

It is a modified version of wire herringbone weaves, one which is easy enough for beginners to try. Even wire wrapping is necessary for this to look good!

I'll bet you won't be able to stop at one pair!

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  1. I love these pretty, simple , elegant earrings. Nice tutorial and I will be sharing it :)

  2. I get so tired of seeing every single pair of earrings being long chandelier types.

    Not every woman wants that!

    So when I saw these my eyes lit right up and I thought yes of course! Like a smack to the forehead sort of thing!

    Thanks for this Pearl - and like Zoraida said - I'll be sharing this tutorial as well. I know a few people who would love to see this as well!

  3. A lot of women I know do NOT like big earrings so this tutorial design is indeed gorgeous for them.

  4. Indeed, neat wire wrapping is the clue here - it's where the effect comes from. Great tutorial!

  5. Dainty and pretty. As much as I love big earrings, sometimes the simple ones can be so nice.

  6. YES! Head slap...a wonderful variation. So many women in my area are conservative and want dainty earrings. I can play with this idea...thanks so much for sharing!

  7. I suspect most women are conservative in that they prefer less dramatic designs - far more appropriate for say working environments.


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