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Alternative Wire Wrapped Briolette Pendant Tutorial

A very common way of wire wrapping side drilled beads is just to take the wire around the top of the bead several times. Bored with that?  Here is an alternative wire wrapped tear drop briolette pendant tutorial from the House of Gems.

The design uses little beads and loops to create a wonderful detail above the bead.

The tutorial can be downloaded as a PDF from Slide Share.  If you have an iPad or an iPhone, use the iBooks app from Apple to save it on your device.  Note you have to flip to the PDFs section of the app to find it.

Before You Go:
Original Post by THE BEADING GEM
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  1. I really like the look of this Pearl.

    It does give a very different look from the usual wrap that we always see over a briolette or a side-drilled bead.

    The possibilities with different coloured wire and beads is absolutely endless isn't it!

  2. You make the loveliest find Pearl, thank you for sharing, this gives me several ideas to use right away.

    1. So pleased it juiced up your creativity! Have fun!


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