Sea horses are such delicate and fascinating creatures.  And an irresistible challenge to make with wire and beads.  I featured a wire wrapped sea horse tutorials before.  Here is a video demonstration  by Atelie 42, a Russian bead store. It is an especially lovely one with a curling tail, sea glass and metal beads which is why I wanted to share it.

I call it a tutorial only in its loosest terms as the video often speeds up rapidly to save time. Some steps are slowed down.  So this how to is best viewed as an inspiration and for general steps. Those with some wire experience will know how to proceed. Beginners should check the tutorials in that past post above.

Use 20G wire for the frame and 26G wire for the wire wrapping.

The instructor had a very practiced way of starting the wire wrapping.  It may not be obvious but his left thumb is the one that was wrapping the wire tail while it looked like all he was doing was using the rest of the wire to rock the work to and fro!


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