Dave, who runs a shop called Copper Jewelry by Dawily on Etsy is a fellow Canadian who is based in Montreal. He describes himself as a "semi-retired architect/civil engineer who likes to work with his hands as a means of retaining some vestige of sanity." He has done much, more more than just retain his sanity.  His successful shop showcases some of the most gorgeous heat patinated copper jewelry anyone has ever seen!

Dave explains, "The colors are the naturally produced oxides of copper created entirely by heat....absolutely no dyes or paints are used."  The range of colors produced as the copper is heated is amazing let alone the beautiful patterns he is able to make.

He adds, "I can stop at any point and then create the starburst effect through torch tip control. Since the starburst centers are hidden by the torch tip, I have limited control over the finer nuances of their colors."  But the results are truly artistic!

No two pieces are exactly alike. And no computer monitor could ever accurately portray the colors seen in real life or the iridescence and richness of the heat treated copper.

Dave makes a lot of earrings, a few necklaces and some pretty awesome hair barrettes, bracelets, money clips and bookmarks. It was hard picking a selection but I have to admit a fondness for his fish earrings!

Hat tip to reader Aims for this find!

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