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Hemispherical Beaded Earrings Tutorials

If you're tired of round designs, go for the hemisphere!  This, as well as the fan shape, is a wonderful alternative for making more with less!  Yes, you only need to complete half of a round!  The first hemispherical beaded earrings tutorial is a gorgeous bezel and open work one by Tatiana Scriabin on

The tutorial is in Russian. You could use a translator but the pictures are so clear you may not need one. The instructor even wrote down the numerical seed bead sizes - numbers are the same in any language!

Something much much easier for beginners is this Rose Wheel earrings tutorial by German beader, Ulrike Gunther on PrettyNett.  The link to the actual tutorial is in her blog post.

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  1. Those are wonderful shapes and I especially like the colours in the second one.

    Passing this on to those who do this....


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