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How to Bead an Easter Egg Tutorial

Tired of coloring Easter eggs?  Here is an excellent alternative.  Bead an Easter egg. Better yet, bead a number and have a beautiful bowl full of them to decorate your home!  The tutorial is by Russian beader, Inna Rogachev over on Livemaster.  It is in Russian so please translate the page - easiest way is to right click on the page in Google Chrome and select Translate to English.

It is in many ways a brilliant tutorial. I especially like the idea of not having to do too much planning ahead. It is also a flexible design as you can use anysize of the egg base.

A rough design is penciled onto the wooden (plastic or whatever) egg base. The lines or curves marked indicate bead color changes which form the pattern.  Once a coin sized round has been beaded, this initial piece is then glued onto the top of the egg.  The rest of the beading commences once the glue has set.

Hat tip to Angie Martin on Facebook.

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  1. What an excellent - and beautiful - idea!

    I do wish sometimes that I did this sort of thing. Maybe I should take it up? I can just imagine adding this to what I already do....sigh...where to find the time? (maybe we need a tute on organizing our beading lives here Pearl!) :0)

    Passing this along to those I know who do this. I think some would really enjoy this change....

    1. LOL! Maybe not so much a tutorial but just putting on the brake to our highly creative minds! You are like me - having so many ideas but not having sufficient time to land most of them!

  2. Amazing! Wish I had the patience :)

    1. I am in the same boat! That is why I do not bead much any more.


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