Some artisans like to take jewelry photographs with a blurry background. It makes sense to focus on the main subject if there are busier backgrounds and in the process, deliver captivating pictures.  Here are some examples from a few awesome artisans who also know their way around dSLR cameras. First up is Shireen of The Blue Brick whose resin jewelry was featured here :

Pressed Flower Resin Jewelry by The Blue Brick

I also love Devi of Paper Melon (formerly Hippie Kingdom)'s use of this blurry background approach for her recycled paper jewelry (see feature post).

Noaki's beautiful heirloom brooch bouquet is centerstage with this technique (see past feature here)

So if photographic terms like "depth of field" and "aperture priority" sound foreign to you, rest assured.  You too can blur your jewelry photo backgrounds the easy way simply by using your iPhone and an app called Tadaa SLR.  It costs $6.99 - a bargain if you compare it to the cost of a dSLR!!  I do not know of an Android equivalent.

I tried it out and found it incredibly easy to use! Simply open up the app and take your picture.  I used Bertha, my mannequin modelling one of my earrings design for this demonstration.  She is the one with way too much makeup on!  As you can see, the background is too distracting.

Then you simply use your finger to mask the area you want to remain sharp.  The masked area is an obvious ghoulish green. You can zoom in by using your fingers to expand the view so you can mask more accurately and if you missed some spots.

Click Next. If you don't want to fiddle anymore with the settings (I didn't), hit Apply after that. Tadaa! You're done.  Now you know why they called the app thusly.  Bokeh is the term used for the little circles of light at the bottom right.

Needless to say, you can use this app for your regular photography and impress your family and friends!

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