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We tend to think of the cross symbol with a typically longer vertical compared to the shorter horizontal component.  But other cross designs show a more symmetric approach such as the Coptic, Canterbury, Occitan and even St George's cross.  Reader Ioana's video tutorial for a superduo beaded cross pendant is of the latter category.

Her design uses superduo, bicones and seed beads - check out the Youtube link in the info part for a materials list. She also sells the PDF tutorial in her Etsy store.

The cross is 3D and makes for a beautiful necklace focal.  If you are planning to make gifts for Easter, this is might be the one for you!

Please note Ioana is a left-handed instructor so you'll have to either bead it in the same direction as she does or adapt for being right handed!

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  1. That's a very pretty cross! And again - it's something that makes me think about trying beadwork. But in all honesty I don't think I have that type of patience in me Pearl. I'm the sort who likes instant gratification with my work. shallow! :0)

    I'm wondering how many of your readers do beadwork? It would be interesting to find out! (I could really hang my head in shame then!)

    1. I suspect a great many. Beading tutorials are very popular. More beading books are published than any other category.

      There are ways to save time - I like doing just a little beading and incorporate it with other techniques like wire work.

  2. Great tutorial. Ioana does a super job of demonstrating the steps. Actually one of the best tutorials I've seen - very clear and easy to see exactly what she is doing. And the component is beautiful.


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