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Beaded Crystal Stud Earrings Tutorial by Bee Jang

We don't often see stud earrings tutorials, let alone beaded ones.  So this pretty beaded crystal stud earrings tutorial is a delight. It is by Bee Jang, a Thai beader whose prolific work I have featured many times before (see my past picks in the links below).

Stud earrings are less distracting than dangles as they stationary.  This pair really dresses up ear lobes very well and can easily be customized with different colors. I like how she also beaded the back end of the stud as a way of attachment. No glue needed!

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  1. Chandelier earrings are not always my go to for an earring. Sometimes I like or even prefer a stud earring over a dangle.

    And some people just don't wear dangle earrings at all.

    Good tutorial Pearl!

  2. these are so cute I love them!!!

  3. Very pretty earrings and a great tutorial. Though I'm still trying to figure out what "Heavy Pictures Under Cut" means ???

    1. What she means is there are a great deal more pictures below the fold ie you will find them if you scroll down the page! ;-) This is blogger speak!


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