Making your own jump rings means you are able to have them in any dimension you want and not have to wait for orders!  So here are some good tutorials on how to cut your own jump rings manually i.e. just using flush cutters or a jewelry saw.  The goal is to have clean, flush cuts where the edges butt together closely.

The video tutorial by Lisa Claxton of Beaducation is long (almost 30 minutes) but thorough as demonstrates how she coils wire and cuts the coils up into jump rings using first a flush cutter and then a jewelry saw.

The mandrels she uses are metal rods and wooden dowels with a hole for anchoring the wire.  But there are also other alternatives like knitting needles or even bail forming pliers. These are adequate if you don't need very long wire coils. Knitting needles are great because you will be making known inside diameter rings.  As she pointed out, general jewelry suppliers use the outside diameter of rings in their product descriptions.  So be aware of that difference.

In the above video, the instructor uses a dowel for cutting with the jewelry saw.  She also cuts with the coil in the horizontal position.

I rather like Joanne Tinley's tutorial over on her blog where she omits the use of the dowel and saw cuts with the wire coil in the vertical position.

The manual methods of cutting jump rings are fine if you don't need a whole pile of jump rings. Larger quantities will require faster ways of cutting.  That will be for another day.

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