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Whimsical Mini Hama Bead Jewelry by Sylph Designs

Did you know mini-hama beads existed?  I didn't.  But I've always thought it was a fun way to come up with pixelated style jewelry using these fusible beads (another brand is Perler).  One artisan who does this well is Estonian, Kaisa Holsting of Sylph Designs. Her "colorful pixelart geekery" is a wonderful collection of whimsical mini- hama bead jewelry.

Part of the charm of her work is her choice of motifs.  She certainly targets her audience well as geeks and scientific types will find her little volumetric flask and pi earrings delightful.

She certainly does well working with the limitations of the shapes she can generate using these beads. I also liked the way she photographed her work with her earring cards which displayed her shop name - an alternative way of "watermarking" design photos.  The typewriter font used to label some of her photographs is also a nice touch.

Kaisa said, "I have an indefinite need to be creative: be it through drawings, design, handcrafting or something completely out of this world."  So this collection is just but a small part of her creative life.

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  1. Not only are they cute but I really like the names she's come up with....

    1. Tihii, thanks for that, I thought it was a funny addition to the initial already weird jewelry. Can't be normal, can we :)

  2. How imaginative! Though I can't relate to the techno geekery I do find the butterflies, snowflakes, cherries and umbrellas adorable. The spiders would be fantastic for Halloween. :)

  3. I came by to say thank you to Pearl only to find out that I've got support in the comments as well! Thank you all for getting excited with me, up to this point I thought it's just me and a few odd people that love this kind of style, but I'm being proven wrong daily!

    Super excited! Thank you Pearl, thank you all!
    Kaisa :)


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