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Colorful Crochet Jewelry by Alejandra Jacoby

I can't really remember but I think I kept seeing Alejandra Jacoby's colorful crochet jewelry on Pinterest.   Hoop earrings dominate this Chilean artisan's work on DaWanda (no longer available).  She offers them in a variety of colors.   Her effective use of beads in her lacy earrings really make her designs pop.

The metal hoops not only frame the work but give the pieces support.  Alejandra also has a tutorial for this style.

I  love her other hoop earrings.  This one below features bells!

A cascade of jump rings and beads make this hoop pair more like chandelier earrings :

Alejandra also makes frameless crochet earrings such as this beautiful granny square variation.

She may speciliaze in earrings, but she also makes necklaces such as this green and purple lariat. Interesting way of modelling it!

Alejandra also makes colorful South American fabric and leather frame earrings.

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  1. beautiful. Are there instructions?

  2. Truly lovely! What you can accomplish with a little imagination....or just going for it!!

  3. Love the crocheted hoops - they have such a bohemian feeling to them

  4. Yes I agree ! Definitely boho chic!


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