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More Tips on How to Pack Jewelry for Travel

Planning your summer vacation? It's important to properly pack jewelry for travel. It's not only to save space but also to organize and protect the pieces from entanglement, damage or loss. There are a number of great ideas, some of which I have covered before like sewing your own jewelry bags (see below) or using a pill organizer.

This great article from Cosmopolitan has 3 more tips for jewelry and for clothes and shoes.  I particularly love the cling film idea. Not just any cling film too.  I tested it out with both Glad's Press 'n Seal and the regular stuff. The Press'n Seal works far better. Press all the way around the item as well is within like for my bracelet.  Place jewelry sets together then the sandwiched pieces will stay together and can also be placed with the right outfits in the suitcase!

The buttons for stud earrings idea also works a treat. The button keeps the pairs together - studs are generally small and easily misplaced.

I'm not so sure about the straw idea for keeping chains separate but maybe it will work for you?

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  1. the button idea sounds intriguing will try it

  2. My question is - once you unpack your jewelry from the press and seal - and you want to pack it up again (to come home) - does it press and seal again? Obviously I've never used the stuff.

    As for the straws - a huge tip might be not to use ones you've sipped a sugary drink from -- ;0) Sorry - couldn't help myself.

    I think I prefer using the rolled jewelry bag. You always know where your jewelry is then instead of digging around in the suitcase for the plastic wrapped items....

    1. Yes, you can reuse press and seal with care. It doesn't crumple up like regular clingfilm. I actually prefer press and seal for the kitchen as it does seal very well.

      LOL! One wouldn't use a used straw!

  3. I like the idea of the Glad resealable wrap. I also use small plastic bags for earring storage (the kind of bags you buy at the Dollar Store in the crafts section).

  4. The plastic wrap tip is neat! Also the buttons - I've seen buttons used for stud earrings display but it never occurred to me to use them for traveling!

  5. Bought some of the cling wrap and plan to use it to hold my ornament loops apart and ready for hanging, it's going to make going to shows so much easier! Thank you again.

    1. Super! Make sure it is the Press n Seal because these are reuseable with care. The regular kind is not.


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