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Amazing Tree of Life Jewelry Designs by CSL Designs

I've been so bowled over by Christina Larsen of CSL Design's work as you can see from the feature I did on her work. She is also a superb teacher. These two amazing tree of life jewelry designs should remove all doubt! Both are for advanced wire or macrame workers. The first one is a truly unique wire woven and chain tree of life pendant tutorial (update : this is no longer available).

She made a wire woven frame with a lovely bail detail.  The tree itself bears 2 mm metal beads with short chains hanging as a fringe behind.  This design reminds me of a weeping willow.

Her micro macrame tree of life video tutorial is also a stunner.  I love how she introduces colored leaves into her design. It takes great patience to work with multiple strands of cord not to mention, being very organized with them!

Even if you are not into macrame, do watch how she forms the frame - this is one of the best instructions for making a simple frame and bail I have seen.  Her tip on trimming the wire end when first forming a wire scroll is also handy.

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  1. My apologies - the first video is not available at this time.

  2. I only had time to watch her make the frame. Her tip of cutting the center tip of the swirl is great. I always hated that part of my swirls.

  3. As you say Pearl - these are 'Amazing'!

    I learned two different things from her video about forming the bail and curling the wire.

    I've always had my second wire - outside- of the bail and then wrapped completely around both. Never had it inside of the loop. How interesting! Gives a different look to the bail entirely!

    And Mary said it first. Cutting that bit of the loop does indeed make it look so much better!

    Hooray! Learned some new things today!

    Too bad the first video isn't available but one gets the idea!

    The Tree Of Life is always a draw when it comes to buyers for some reason. :0)

    1. Yes, I've noticed that about tree of life tutorials. They are very popular. Probably because the shape is so pleasing.

  4. It is good to have more variations of the same design, especially a popular one like the Tree of Life. I like the macrame version even more!


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