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Clever Idea to Make a Bead Embroidered Filigree Pendant

This clever idea to make a bead embroidered filigree pendant is a must see!  The tutorial is by Julia Shkoldinoy over on Biserok. Anyone familiar with and who loves bead embroidery will be delighted. The brass filigree takes center stage with this design.  Beads are embroidered in some of the spaces as well as around the filigree.

The choice of color background is important with this kind of work because it shows through the open spaces of the filigree.

The tutorial is in Russian.  So you'll have to translate the page.  Life is a lot easier now that I use the Chrome browser, right click on the page and select "translate to English".  But the pictures do make the words redundant especially for those experienced in bead embroidery.

You might also like to see my Pip Beaded Filigree Earrings tutorial for a different approach to combining beading with metal filigrees.

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  1. You nailed it Pearl - that is indeed a cleaver idea!
    I was wondering what you meant about the background until I went to the tutorial.
    Now I'm wondering - since I'm not a beader, if there is another way to make a similar look ....hmmmm......very interesting indeed!! It's got my mind working on the problem already!

    1. I am glad the tutorial ignites the creative juices of NON-BEADERS too! Go for it!

  2. Love it! The most precious thing for me in this tutorial is the IDEA!

  3. The pendant is lovely and so versatile since one could use the same filigree but change the look using different shape, size and color of beads.
    I truly must look into Google Chrome as there are so many wonderful tutorials made by our marvelous sister beaders in Russia, Greece, Italy and . . . well, all over the world.


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