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Clever Use of Stud Earrings and Wire for this Polymer Clay Cat

ArtzieRush on Youtube posted a fun polymer clay cat tutorial - a character from the Hello Kitty world. It involves a clever use of stud earrings findings and wire. While you may not appreciate Hello Kitty or even cats, the technique she uses is well worth a watch.  Who knows, you can come up with different designs. How about a floral theme with flowers both in front and behind the ear?

The wire was used as whiskers as well as the armature bit for the body of the cat. The latter was also the means of attaching to the ear stud nut.

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  1. I really enjoyed the Lone Beaders work. Very nice!

  2. That's absolutely adorable! I'm a big cat fan - as you well know - and I used to have a pair of earrings sort of similar but made out of metal. Unfortunately the inside works gave way as they were not set up like that and I could never repair them and I wore them quite a bit.

    This would certainly solve all those problems by using the butterfly instead of what was in mine.

    I also thought while watching the painting of the whiskers - 'what a steady hand! I'm sure I'll get paint everywhere knowing me!' LOL!!

    1. I am also a big cat fan. But I am not sure I would wear a polymer clay cat. However, I love this technique and might try making a polymer clay rose with a stem at the back.


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